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Our Story

With 20 years experience in the field of behavioral and mental health with sterling impact across Africa, Oasis Africa is a training and consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of groups, individuals and leaders within companies, NGOs, churches, the government and the wider society.


With a core staff of experienced professional staff and an excellent team approach, Oasis Africa offers balanced professional service to your personnel. We at Oasis Africa recognize the complex needs of the whole person: physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, social, spiritual and financial. Well-trained and competent therapists, mentors and coaches can assist individuals who experience difficulty in any of these areas of life.


Our goal is to assist people in finding wholeness and wellness in their lives, maximising their potential at work, and eliminating barriers to growth. In addition, many employees work in difficult parts of the world, especially in Africa. We are trauma specialists and will be able to help those impacted by traumatic stress within and without the workplace.


We also recognize the critical need of imparting basic counseling skills to community-based caregivers to enable them to plan holistic programs for the communities served. 

Dr Gladys Mwiti

Dr. Gladys Mwiti, CEO and leader of Oasis Africa’s Professional Team is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Specialist in Trauma Healing and Recovery.

Dr. Mwiti is a published author in various journals, and has authored five books. She is the current chairperson of the Kenya Psychological Association, interim chairperson of the Kenya Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, a member of the board of trustees for the Kenya Methodist University, a member of the American Psychological Association, and member of the board of directors for the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. In recognition of her work, Dr. Mwiti has received several international awards.

She leads a Consortium of over 15 specialists, all with masters degrees and above in their areas of specialisation, we offer services in Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, Leadership Training, Mentoring, Coaching, Personal Development, Financial Advising and Legal Advising. 


Dr Mwiti and Oasis Africa are committed to you, and providing the very best-in-class awareness, training, psycho-education seminars, group processes and individual sessions, Employee Assistance Program services and therapeutic support for those needing professional input.

Our Streams

Our Streams

Including training on change management, leadership, work life balance, etc, our MIND stream focus at Oasis Africa is in providing you with a strategic corporate advantage by investing in a wellness program that will bring you lowered expenses in return, in the form of better performing workers, lower absenteeism and health care costs.


With the rapid pace of modern living, the negative effects of a fast, stressful life are widespread and growing with stress contributing to the majority of visits to doctors, and days off work. We teach employees how to manage their mind and emotional wellness, resulting in stable moods, clearer thoughts, improved relationships, and a lower risk of illness.


Evidence shows that motivating employees to get fit and healthy gives them more productive energy and helps drive better performance. Our fitness, nutrition and health programs are designed for jus that so please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out more.



Our life coaching and counselling and techniques are designed an investment in your employees to help benefit their entire wellbeing and facilitate them to reach their life goals faster, resulting in a happier, loyal and more productive employee.

Our Clients

Our Clients
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