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Anxiety Makes You Less Self Aware

Nervousness has been described as the disease of our civilization.

Take a look around and you’ll see that it’s true. A lot of us are full of anxiety. We are high strung on constant worries, excessive chat through electronic devices, and on out of control roller-coaster emotions Almost everyone I come across nowadays exhibits signs of a frazzled nervous system. We are like a bundle of loose wires, needing regularly charging up with caffeine and facebook. It would be funny if it wasn’t.

The reason it is not funny is because the health of the nervous system is probably the most significant determining factor of our experience of life.

When we live in a way that is damaging to our nerves, then we are steadily losing touch with ourselves. I’m going to try to shed a little light on the critical role your nervous system plays and a few ways you can start to reverse the damage done to your nerves – and grow your grip on reality in the process.

I don’t know how much you remember from your biology lessons but there’s some science coming up:

The central nervous system is located in the brain; out of here your peripheral nervous system connects the nerve centres to specific organs. When the health of the central nerves is compromised owing to poor lifestyle choices, the nerves in all of our organs are affected as a result. The nervous system will either enliven or weaken all parts of the body.

What does this actually mean?

The nervous system has two broad duties. First, the nerves allow us to interact with the world. Second, the nerves are what connect us with ourselves.

The nervous system is responsible for outward perception and inner perception too

The important thing to take away from that is just that you cannot expect to experience wellbeing without providing your nerves with plenty of rest and general adequate support.

They are either your allies on your journey to self awareness and freedom, or your most potent enemies.

How do you do this?

1. Observe yourself.

Assess the state of your nerves by becoming aware of how calm you feel on average during your day. This is the first step.

2. Watch your habits

There are some of these seemingly harmless habits that create a lot of nervousness like talking on the phone for long periods of time, habitual tapping or fidgeting and other habits like nail biting or chewing gum, excessive noise such as the noise of a busy city street, radio or t.v. Our nerves hate noise. Studies have shown that people live longer in quieter environments.

Other interesting bad habits that you might be surprised by are Bad mouthing people is another major cause of nervousness. Even being aroung people who habitually bad mouth others can cause you distress

Giving in to desires and attachments. In truth, the more unnecessary necessities we have, the less peace we enjoy. Learning to live simply is an exercise in nerve health

Poor eating habits, some foods are hyper-stimulating, and therefore no good for an already charged up nervous system. These include red meat and refined foods. It is all the obvious stuff really.Good foods for your nerves are green leaves and berries – most fruits in general.

Stay Calm.

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